“Jobs Don't Have Genders, Talent is a pursued interest.❤︎”

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In the world are woman who code.

Our cause is to get more girls into coding. Its our mission to successfully get the number of females who code to rise. We chose the name "The Powerpuff Girls" Because we work together as a team, And even when trouble comes our way, We'll get through it together.


We shouldnt Judge People By what they look like, Because we all have the power to do what we want. Jobs Dont have genders, And Neither do colors! So always stay determined!


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Girls can do what boys can do, after all boys are just girls with shorter hair! I think we all see the world from our own little unique bubble!


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I Wish you the best of luck on your adventure in coding! It'll take more than a couple of cheap shots for you to give up that easily!


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